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<quote author="Andreas Wacknitz"> This pdf has a lot of info on porting linux code to solaris 11.,d.b2U __________________________________________________________________ Hi Jannik, PharoVM is based on Cog. My old VM’s were traditional SqueakVM’s. I am not aware of precompiled Solaris VM’s based on Cog or PharoVM, so you have to build them by yourself. This should be possible; you only need some supporting libraries (e.g. GMP (earlier named GNUmp) and MPFR)) and probably CMake. When I did compile it for myself I used Solaris 10 (both, x86 and SPARC). Which variant do your customers have? Nowadays there are Solaris 10, Solaris 11, and a bunch of OpenSolaris derivates. There are some differences in the tool chains and libraries (versions). If you are not familiar with Solaris or UNIX you should be aware that UNIX in Squeak’s view is (most probably only) Linux. And this is problematic because you will most probably find some areas where there are differences between a „real“ UNIX (like Solaris) and Linux. Good luck, Andreas

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