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Mariano, knowing that ProtoObject  does understand doesnotunderstand via is not enough. There are a dozen or two other methods needed 
in order for a debugger to come up, even to invoke an inspector on ProtoObject subclasses.

Yes, I know that. I even had to implement few extra methods on ProtoObject in order to bring up a debugger. What how is this related to the "Recursive not understood error encountered" crash ?  or this is just extra help information ? ;)

You should look at the Objective-C bridge I wrote  , the Objective-C proxy object  that is based on ProtoObject and contains the 
required methods to ensure a debugger will come up. It *does* override does not understand so it can transform the unknown 
message into a primitive call. 

Excellent!! How can I load such code?  (squeaksource is down now and I cannot search)

Thanks John!


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On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 12:52 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck
<marianopeck@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi. I am still playing with Objects as methods, and I am having yet another kind of crash :(
> This time, the image crash with the message "Recursive not understood error encountered".
> I am completly sure that I am not putting ANY proxy for any method of DNU, so I don't understand why I get this error.

Without understanding the details of what you're doing, let me offer

thanks Colin for the help.
try looking for objects that don't inherit from Object.

Ok, there are objects that doesn't inherit from Object, and even my proxies don't do that. But.....ProtoObject DOES understands the message #doesNotUnderstand:
Even if
you aren't proxying #doesNotUnderstand:, you can get a recursive DNU
if an object that doesn't understand #doesNotUnderstand:

there cannot be objects that don't understand #doesNotUnderstand:  since it is implemented in ProtoObject.
*another* message it doesn't understand.

Anyway, I will think if there can be a situation that happens what you said...maybe there is.

Thanks a lot !

Hope this helps.


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