Thanks Eliot.

>>I'm not sure I'm answering your question, but ave you seen processors/IA32/bochs/README.COG?  Tis explains how to build the support libraries.  
I know I had seen something on it somewhere, thanks for reminding me.

>>Specifically what do you expect to be documented?

An answer to the question "What the heck is this for?" for newbies like me (:

Let me elaborate a bit.

Last night, I got Bochs installed and running a couple of images from their site (alas, Plan9 hangs on boot, so no squeak install on Plan9 this week) so I can think about how this might fit together.
Here are my thoughts, such as they are...

1. Bochs emulates computer hardware and you can run various operating systems on that hardware emulation. 
2. In the same way Cog targets the  x86, ARM and  RiscOS platforms, Cog targets the Bochs platform.
3. To do so,  Cog needs some configuration  on that platform to run, which is provided in bochs file
3.a  See the processors/IA32/bochs/README.COG for details of which config file to use). At this point, the ability to boot and use Bochs is assumed.
4. Boot your bochs image with that file
4.b  (does the image already have the SVN source tree on it? do we download it with svn?)
5. Navigate to the correct directory (which one?) and build the VM with the BochsPlugin 
6. scratch chin and mutter "hmmmmm".
7 "The Cog simulator and the CogIA32CompilerTests use the Bochs plugin." while an image is running on Bochs platform?

As you can see, my thought process gets muddy at steps 4 through 7 and I would like to clean that up. 
Then, put those thoughts into the class comment (or elsewhere) of the BochsPlugin such that
answering the question "what the heck is this for?"  is shortened a bit (: