I don't understand this code; I think John McIntosh is the author. But I would suspect this from platforms/iOS/vm/OSX/sqSqueakOSXApplication+events.m in recordCharEvent:, which appears to me to be the only place where a different charCode for the keyUp could be produced.

    if (i > 1 || !mainView.lastSeenKeyBoardStrokeDetails) {
        evt.pressCode = EventKeyUp;
        evt.charCode = keyCodeRemembered;
        evt.utf32Code = 0;
        [self pushEventToQueue: (sqInputEvent *) &evt];

Specifically this would appear to prevent the first key stroke from being pushed to the queue (i > 1, and pushEventToQueue:). But the management of lastSeenKeyBoardStrokeDetails is complex and I've not analyzed it. And what I don't understand is where the EventKeyUp event is generated if i = 0.

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