Hi all, thanks for the answers,

First, we managed to debug the VM using Xcode (thanks Esteban :)).
We found that when the serial plugin is compiled as external plugin in Mac, the VM does not load it because it cannot find the setInterpreter function, which is strange. We will continue digging here... 

I checked the code of sqMacSerialExtended and uses Carbon libraries. 
Isn't the VM moving out from it because it's not supported any more?
Besides, in Mac we can use unix libraries like termios...

Yes, we know. We just wanted to do a tutorial on playing with arduino and we saw that the serial plugin was not working... We thing that independently of what we are doing with it, serial port should be fixed :)


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> On 24-03-2017, at 7:07 AM, Guillermo Polito <guillermopolito@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are here with Olivier taking a loot at how serial ports work, because he wants to use it to connect to arduino/raspberries.

In the case of Pi’s don’t forget that there are much faster ways to connect; even the oldest Pi’s have ethernet and Pi3’s have wifi & bluetooth built in. Opening a net connection to a Pi is likely to be much more useful than restricting yourself to serial. I’m sure you’re not making the mistake I see too often of people thinking a Pi is a microcontroller like an Arduino when it is actually a quite powerful computer with a real OS...

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