Hi Christoph --

I was trying to prepare an image that does not ask the user for any initials

Then you have to set the author initials on startUp to any specific value. That's how our CI does it.

Is this really necessary? :-)

Well, I think this behavior originates from the fact that sharing your image via USB stick (or mail or floppy disk^^) means that a different person would then be the author. So, you would not want to store the wrong initials by accident. I think this point is still valid when students just share images without caring too much about preferences stored within. So, this is also kind of a security issue but not as serious as sharing your passwords.

Yes, it's still a good practice. Also, your scenario can easily be supported. Just set your preferred initials on startUp.


Am 19.01.2022 03:53:25 schrieb christoph.thiede@student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de <christoph.thiede@student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de>:


do we really need to reset the author initials when one opens the image under a different path? This just stroke me a bit when I was trying to prepare an image that does not ask the user for any initials, but the receiver was still told to enter them again.

Also, note that string comparison is not sufficient for comparing paths. For instance, there are multiple ways under Windows to express the same path (UNC paths, virtual drive letters, ...), or even the WSL path when I open the same image, without moving it, from WSL rather from Windows.

Last but not least, this is a really unexpected side effect and I only found this via a sender search.

Is this really necessary? :-)


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> Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of System to project The Trunk:
> http://source.squeak.org/trunk/System-mt.1018.mcz
> ==================== Summary ====================
> Name: System-mt.1018
> Author: mt
> Time: 16 April 2018, 10:31:28.239614 am
> UUID: e0350560-a5a5-5a40-b31b-d13f55162021
> Ancestors: System-mt.1017
> #setAuthorInitials: -> #authorInitials:
> =============== Diff against System-mt.1017 ===============
> Item was changed:
> ----- Method: SmalltalkImage>>openSourceFiles (in category 'sources, changes log') -----
> openSourceFiles
>     self imageName = LastImageName ifFalse:
>         ["Reset the author initials to blank when the image gets moved"
>         LastImageName := self imageName.
> +         Utilities authorInitials: ''].
> -         Utilities setAuthorInitials: ''].
>     FileDirectory
>         openSources: self sourcesName
>         andChanges: self changesName
>         forImage: LastImageName.
>     SourceFileArray install!