Hi Marcel, hi all,

It appears this bug was introduced with:
    Name: Morphic-mt.1414
    Author: mt
    Time: 16 April 2018, 9:35:16.658955 am
    UUID: 2a24caed-3044-6745-a4dc-a12f474e7530
    Ancestors: Morphic-cmm.1413

    Preserve mouse focus after dialog invocation. For example, this fixes a rare bug concerning halo invocation (or dismissal).

but it's not clear to me what other bug was being fixed.  Do you remember, Marcel?

This changeset puts it back to releasing mouse focus upon cancellation of the dialog, which fixes the bug described by this thread.

 - Chris

On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 3:37 AM K K Subbu <kksubbu.ml@gmail.com> wrote:
I can reproduce this in Squeak-5.2 Linux-64b.

Surprisingly, After step 7, if I right click in the text pane, I get a
strange menu that begins "Create New Service". If I now dismiss this
menu and then click on desktop, I am able to get a menu and everything
works normally, including getting the proper right-click menu in the
original text pane.

Weird .. Subbu

On 09/11/18 2:58 AM, Chris Muller wrote:
> Well, it appears the problem is present in the production 5.2 image
> with stock Preference settings too!   :(
> Here are exact steps to reproduce using the production 5.2 image:
> 1) launch Squeak5.2.
> 2) Click "Skip" to remove the "Welcome To Squeak" banner.  Close the
> "Welcome To Squeak" window, too.
> 3) Click in the search bar in the upper right, type "asFloat" (without
> quotes), and press [Return].  The window showing implementors is shown
> with the first method selected.
> 4) Make it dirty.  Click in the text pane and insert a space.
> 5) Click on the second method.  Squeak displays, "Changes have not been
> saved, is it okay to cancel those changes?"
> 6) Click "No".
> 7) Now try to click on the desktop.  The dialog keeps coming back.
> On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 12:22 PM tim Rowledge <tim@rowledge.org> wrote:
>>> On 2018-11-07, at 1:45 AM, K K Subbu <kksubbu.ml@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On 07/11/18 9:38 AM, Chris Muller wrote:
>>>> 1.  Make a method in a browser dirty.
>>>> 2.  Click on another method.  Squeak displays, "Changes have not been
>>>> saved, is it okay to cancel those changes?"
>>>> 3.  Click "No".
>>>> 4.  Now try click anywhere else or do anything else in other windows
>>>> or the desktop.  Every click anywhere causes the dialog to reappear
>>>> until you say "Yes" or cancel the method changes.
>>> Chris,
>>> I am unable to reproduce this problem. In Step 4, I am able to open the global menu or a workspace and continue working on other tasks without having the modal dialog pop up.
>> Same thing on 5.2 32bit Pi - no problem with the dialogue at all.
>> Now an obvious thing is that my set of preferences is almost certainly very different to Chris' and some of those settings may have a relevant effect. I don't use smart splitters for example and maybe something related to that is interacting with the mouse presses; no idea.
>> tim
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