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I had the distinct impression that stdin/out were meant to be available on Windows - yup, the sqWin32FilePrims code includes sqFileStdioHandlesIntoFile_WithHandle_IsWritable() which at least looks like it is intended to deal with them.

The only issue w stdio on Windows is that you have to have a different VM. Two bytes in the PE executable header identify a windows executable as either Windows subsystem (runs under the GUI) or console subsystem (runs in a console), or a few other choices.  To get stdio working you have to use an executable with the console subsystem marking.  The executables are otherwise identical, but if it was the windows subsystem marking and you launch it from the console it will disconnect from the console, and no stdio is possible. Yes, this is absurdly bad design on behalf of Microsoft, but nothing unusual there.  Unix does exactly the same thing with a combination of running in the background and redirecting stdio streams to/from /dev/null. 

Does it work?

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> FileStream's stdout and stderr are for Linux, so use Linux line-endings when writing to them.

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