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Hi Marcel,

On Jan 25, 2018, at 7:42 AM, Marcel Taeumel <marcel.taeumel@hpi.de> wrote:

The ReleaseBuilder does not deal with the build number. We do need that offset in Squeak-Version to compute our build number.

Then I suggest it contain a class called SqueakVersion whose class comment includes the gist of Levente's message and whose two method categories, class & instance side, are called 'read the class comment' ;-)

+++++++ 1

i think this comment idea is a good idea
          and i will use it in future if i ever get to     because
     people not in the know would know then
          but who cares about them
          but how long would it take to put this Class in
          but if there was no head scratching or head banging
          would not people feel that something is missing ?
               and say 
                         and the weight of all the previous nothing pray
                         tell : no-leave the head scratching and banging in
                    i didn’t know you were going to chide me
                         now i definitely will not do anything you said

but i definitely will do this if i ever get to

because people not in the know will probably be me
     in another day or two

     according to me and that guy who made erLang
          who made some forlorn plea for just such a mercy on a future he
          who is destined to head banging
          by today me
          who doesn’t see
               any need to avoid it
          as he notes that other genius who made that one single comment
               in all his years of lines of stuff     and it was
               “and now for the tricky part”

which leads me to     i can’t make head or tail of this

     TIME TO REWRITE THIS     THE WHOLE THING     the Whole thing has gone

     un maintainable 

in my day     we rewrote the whole thing    once a day

and you can’t just say     well here     you fix this
because you forgot that future me is not     in the know

and un maintainable here we come     when future me gets ahold of this one

maybe I’m just forgetful    and it’s just me

i do not have a forum on my own stuff to remind me
     at least not one i have access to please                             please me   the kgb
     or one that is more than half a bit 
     no no no no no no no no no

no wait there were yes-es     in the before time
     nothing but yes-es     now there is only no
          and everything is spitted and shut 
               down to go     time to scrape
               down to hell down to the 
               chinese bedrock of
               swiss cheese  
               that tells 
               just keep on scraping     a gaping     get a cheese cutter

               rewrite the whole f thing
               because the whole f thing has gone to the kells 
               and is spinning in infinity     due tell coq

did you know that in SE Asia the bank robbers are in the banks
     and so nobody has a bank account
     and so nobody has a Visa card 
     and so google is quitting
     man going to grab
     their crotch
     huh     imagine that



Am 25.01.2018 15:57:31 schrieb Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda@gmail.com>:

Hi Chris,

    but Squeak-Version is itself empty and the version info in ReleaseBuilder would appear to have obsoleted it.  Shouldn't we also remove Squeak-Version?

_,,,^..^,,,_ (phone)

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This one

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This question comes up from time to time.
There's an empty package named Squeak-Version in the image. When you unload a package, let's say Universes-mt.48, you add 49 (48 + 1) to the version number of Squeak-Version and save it as well to ensure that the global Squeak version number keeps increasing.