Hi Christoph --

No overview so far. I am working on it. :-) Current status is brittle. Only plain-text should be expected to work.


Am 10.11.2023 20:34:54 schrieb Thiede, Christoph <christoph.thiede@student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de>:


Is there any overview of what currently works or should work regarding the ExtendedClipboardPlugin (on Windows)? Something like a single protocol that I could test?

Copying bold, italic, and URLs to the clipboard of the host system works for me (woo-hoo, thanks to however did this!). Colors are omitted. TextAnchors raise a SubclassResponsibility every time I copy them to clipboard, which can be pretty irritating.
Pasting formatted text (from the browser) does not work (I just receive unformatted text). Does this depend on the source application?
What about images? Could there be something like Form>>#copyToClipboard and Form>>#fromClipboard (and the same also for Text) or is this not supported at the moment? Are there any other existing capabilities I did not mention? The implementation suggests some things such as images or waves but I don't see whether they are used ...

PS: Due to time limitations, I may have missed a lot on the list earlier this year. Looking forward to great summaries!


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