Hi yo everyone, I am Rob Withers posting as Henry House. I have also used the alias Alan Pinch and Ziro Zimbarra. I guess I had reasons to go into obfuscation.

I’ve resubmitted most of the code I’m working on under my name and I’ve deleted Henry House from the crypto library. The updated packages are Cryptography, ParrotTalk, eLindaContinued and FEC. 

I think having a multiplicity of Administration is helpful but if the correct path is just being a developer, that’s fine too. I deleted back versions of some packages (Cryptography) and entire packages when they were my temporary reshuffling of what is now Raven, which I did not yet re-author.

I tried to subscribe a new rwithers address but I did not receive an email to finalize.

I have a three pronged effort, atm, perhaps you could help me decide what to work on and where collegiate efforts could gain a couple of projects. Like the Green Manalishi and the Three-Pronged Crown, by Judas Priest, do you feel me?

First is resurrected FEC, mostly got ReedSolomon working with a GaloisField polynomial. One decoding failure in batch. Next up is coding/porting QRCode from ZXing source.

Second is in eLinda, using a Continuation or something to implement event-loop liveness, when a "VatSemaphore" is weighted when waited. Put the EventContinuation in a pool until semaphore is signaled, for rescheduling in the vat queue.

Third is implementing STON decoding in Java, so Squeak/Pharo and Java can interoperate at later 6: Raven, for distributed objects cross-Language. I have STON encoding mostly finished structurally, though it needs tests ported.

I wish folks would be inspired by one of the first two, I think I must needs choose #3, STON in Java for layer 6 interoperability. As well add two Messages to ParrotTalk to enable a naming service: TryReceivers and YouChoose.

I use Oceanside, as Alan Pinch, as my main repo, but I also publish to Cryptography.

Thank you,

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On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 13:52, David T. Lewis <lewis@mail.msen.com> wrote:
On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 07:30:47PM +0100, Tobias Pape wrote: > > > On 28.01.2018, at 00:04, David T. Lewis wrote: > > > > Actually, I can see by looking at a copy of the in-image repository that > > the missing versions are still in the squeaksource.com image. It appears > > that they are just marked as deleted, but they do not really go away. > > > > I have administrative access to the image, so I think I can do the undelete > > if that is the best approach. > > It is :) > (That's what I meant recently when the issue from henry came up) OK done. The deleted versions are back now. > BTW: who deleted those versions? > Based on some earlier emails, I believe they were accidentally deleted by Rob Withers when he was cleaning things up in the repository. There are three people with admin on that project, so it might be a good idea to have just one (presumably Ron, who created the repository) and let everyone else on the project have developer level access. That would help prevent accidents or confusion in the future. Dave