Thanks for that dan.
I'm really eager to play with that and participate. I'm thinking that we could even use Squeak for living refactoring section in some lectures.
I'm convinced that this is the right direction and we will be able to clean Squeak :).
I really like that....continue

At the risk of repeating myself, here are what I see as natural next steps:

No communication is really important

1.  Clarify the name space / module distinction, if Henrik's latest message hasn't done this already.  This is for our internal discussion.

I hope that the two are orthogonal.

2.  Use the system to outload a couple of big packages such as

      VM Construction
Newtork apps (Celeste, Scamper, Chat and HTML)
 Wonderland and 3D

      ... and confirm that everything works if you bring them in again.

      This would be a big step toward effective shrinking and
would probably get people excited.

3.  Use the system to inload a couple of big packages such as

Refactoring Browser
     Thinglab and/or Cassowary

       These would be modules serving the community.

4.  Document the anticipated steps to compact files and fast loading with image segments.

      Should get people enthusiastic about 4x compression,
       and 10x speed-up.
       [for those interested, compact files is an idea I
       have for browsing direct from gzipped files]

The parcel in VW are extremely fast so this makes a big steps forward.

5.  Arrive at a preliminary design for projects as components. In other words,

Start from a URL
       Determine prerequisites
Load them if necessary
 Load the content
       Be able to run it (duh)
Be able to unload it and be "clean" afterward.

 This is for our internal discussion, but I would like
  to try it out ASAP.

    Here is a simple benchmark:
    My KidsRefrigeratorMagnets which requires Ned's RMs,
   which requires Ned's Connectors. Delivered in a world
 and ready to play.

     Here is a complicated one:
     Drive a Car in a world and ready to play, and...
       Will automatically bring in all of EToys if not there.
I figured I would write up some of this in a coherent manner, with Henrik's help in the next couple of days as a sort of "Here's where we are heading between now and OOPSLA" message.

       - Dan