If any #asByteArray is adopted into the trunk, I hope it'll be the one that's been in the Cryptography package since 2003 (method fileout attached) and respects Network Byte Order (e.g., big endian).  Unlike the #as: implementation, it works equally with SmallIntegers, too.

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Hi Dave,

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A Number should not respond to #asByteArray.

Agreed. Ignore my previous reply which was specific to the integers.  More accurately we could say "In general, a Number should not respond to #asByteArray. But for some kinds of number, a byte array representation may make sense."

Well put, and I agree.

I don't want to ignore your previous reply with respect to integers. It makes good sense when explained that way. I do think that the general notion of Integer>>asByteArray is a bit questionable, but a good method comment might go a long way toward clearing that up :-)