Hi Christoph,

the commit message in Kernel-nice.1386 reads: "[...] Note that Kernel-ct.1383 supersedes Kernel-ct.1382 and removes the annoying warning. [...]"

I think the problem was that both ct.1382 and ct.1382 change the same method but do not actually consider each other. With our current tools, sub-method merging is rather tricky and hence the author should take care that this does not happen. :-)

Please review the current state of Context >> #doPrimitive:method:receiver:args: and upload the missing lines again into the inbox if necessary.


Am 16.04.2021 15:16:18 schrieb Christoph Thiede <christoph.thiede@student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de>:

PS: I also see that you touched the simulation of criticalSection primitives
(primitiveIndex = 186 ...) again. Again, was this intended or an incident?

(OT: We are really treading on each other's toes in this method ... What can
we learn from this? Is it too large and should be split up? Or should we
improve our tooling support for resolving merge conflicts?)


Carpe Squeak!
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