Now that I have my Pi based weather station[1] in operation and mounted up on the peak of my garage roof ...
… I need to do something with the data it provides. Sadly the code reading the sensors is in Python (for now!) but it sends it as MQTT packets to a mac-mini running the broker. I’m working with Craig on an MQTT client (very early state on to read it but then what?

Are there any current projects that will work in squeak5.1/spur that can draw nice graphs? What kind of graphs are good for weather data? Should there be chocolate? I guess I ought to store some amount of collected data so maybe it’s time I got to grips with Magma. I’m interested in all ideas that might lead somewhere fun with this. With those ESP8266 wi-fi enabled sorta-arduino things so cheap and easy to set up there must be a gazillion interesting things that could be monitored and analyzed and graphed and indeed actuated in response; let’s not forget that MQTT works both ways.

How about a rain sensor sending a message that its raining (duh) which gets collected and turned into a message to your car to close the sunroof before the velvet seat covers (with painted portrait of Elvis, natch) get wet? Or a strain gauge on your security fence alerting you that something heavier than 20 pounds has climbed over so the remote gatling needs hotting up?

[1] Pi model A+ with gpio attached interface board for rain bucket, wind speed/direction, outdoor temp/humidity, indoor temp, RTC and USB attached Ethernet interface to POE adaptor. WiFi wasn’t practical due to metal roof. Besides, POE means I can hard-reboot by pulling a plug in my server room :-)

tim Rowledge;;
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