I am slowly making forwards progress, but now I am in the weeds. 

I am working on establishing functional CapUrl / CapsecUrl, as a part of the official Url hierarchy. I am having an issue encoding and decoding the swissNumber. Tests forthcoming...

The underlying issue, that has me cutting grass, is that by providing a A) SessionIdentity, from the CapsecUrl, and also a B) Config sequence of <PresentationConfig->SessionConfig->TransportConfig>, how to construct the Gozer Stack with 3 GateKeepers (and KeyMaster), 1 per layer, derived from the Config sequence? Configs should know nothing but providing the Protocols, per layer. The Protocols could potentially establish the GateKeepers... Hmmm...

stack push: myProtocol buildProtocolizedGateKeeper...

A related issue is how to use the Config sequence to build a stack with 3 GateKeepers, 1 per protocol layer.

•scratch, scratch•

On 10/28/23 12:11, rabbit wrote:

Hey y'all, I hope you're well. Here is an update...

Sadly I am having many many errors, trying to get the stack established from the SessionConfig. I've gotten off my tush and gotten back into Whisper, refactoring like I'm crazy. Hello somebody.

Here is a Hierarchy of Crypto-Network, with Layers 4, 5 & 6 segmented. Below is all the work I've been doing this month, having skipped September for other projects.

My proximal focus is getting Layer4 Socket and InMemory stacks connected and talking...

A concern is how to allow for SessionConfiigs for Layers 4, 5 & 6 as a spec stack, possibly negotiable (protocol, cipher, encoder)??? I subsclassed BaseConfig with TransportConfig, SessionConfig and PresentationConfig. I think a SessionConfig holds a TransportConfig and a PresentationConfig holds a SessionConfig which holds a TransportConfig. So a net stack config stack. Or something.

--- Package comments since August ---

MASSIVE refactoring. Working on
- SessionIdentity
- InMemoryListener
- SessionConfig
- Gate / Gozer operation.

SPECed SessionConfig with protocols, ciphers and encoders. Refactor.
Pruned GateKeeper and fleshed out Protocol.

Extruding GhostbustersProtocol  heirarchy.

Extended SessionConfig to capture protocol, cipher and encoder. MASSIVE splitting Procol heirarchy out of GateKeepers, heading toward eliminating all subclasses of GateKeeper and having a provided Protocol in a SessionConfig to install into the GateKeeper of Gozer to rendezvous through dispatch to the Protocol, with the KeyMasterSecurityOps along for that ride. Working to cleanup the protocol creation / intiialization of several classes (Protocol, SessionConfig, GateKeeper). I split off GateKeeper ivars appropriately.

Collapsed SessionConfig, MASSIVE Heirarchy pruning.

Established BaseListener heirarchy. Reorged into Crypto-Network-Whisper.

Test reorg. ELinda cleanup. ISSUE with #in: and #outi:

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